For Our NCEET-2019 Conference

Electrical and Electronics

Electrical engineers are at the forefront of some of today’s most important innovations. Whether working for the private sector, government, or major research institutes, electrical engineers are always pushing the boundaries of the possible

Power Systems & Power Electronics

The whole world is focusing on the utilization of renewable energy sources in order to mitigate the world power crisis. Power electronics is being used in a large scale for the renewable energy conversion in a more efficient manner. It has a great impact on controlling as well as interfacing the renewable system with both the grid and standalone applications.

Electrical Vehicles

The global automobile industry is seeing a major shift towards e-mobility over the past decade. There is a rapid increase in concept cars being turned into production cars over the years. Following the suit, India also has big plans for the emerging Electric Vehicles and its technologies in the country.

Embedded Systems

Future of Embedded Systems Market depends on Improved Security for Embedded Devices, Cloud Connectivity and Mesh Networking, Optimization for Lower Energy Consumption, Visualizations in Real Time, Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Trends In AI include Deep Learning Theory, Hybrid Learning Models, Digital twin, Probabilistic Programming, Automated Machine Learning, Capsule Networking. Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Deep reinforcement learning

Internet Of Things

Recent Trends Include Smart Home Devices Will Soar In Popularity, Healthcare Will See Increased IoT Adoption, AI and Big Data, Edge Computing Will Take Prominence Over Cloud Computing

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